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Benefits of Pre-Natal massages

One of the most important benefits of prenatal massage is hormone regulation. According to American pregnancy association, research over the last few years have shown that when massage therapy made a part of prenatal phase, the levels of hormones associated with stress and relaxation are significantly altered, such that they lead to better regulation of mood and improve cardiovascular system which in future leads to reduce chances of complication during birth. Pre Natal massage is best known for alleviating common musculoskeletal pains associated to pregnancy such as low back pain, foot pain, and nerve pain. Pre Natal massage also increases overall circulation which means better oxygen and nutrients are delivered throughout your body, increasing the amount of goodies being delivered to your baby.

Benefits of Post Partum massages

Relaxed body, reduced stress, better sleep: It is a proven fact that massage stimulation enables lowering of blood pressure, relaxing the muscles and aiding in reducing stress. Especially after a life changing event like pregnancy, the body is physically and emotionally taxed to the utmost. It has been noted that skilled massage therapy reduces anxiety and post partum depression and regulate sleep pattern by promoting relaxation.

Pain Relief and decreased swelling: Massage is an effective method of reducing post delivery pain and calming the body without using medication. Along with reduction in body pain, massaging with appropriate techniques increases circulation in the body while facilitating lymphatic drainage that helps eliminate excess fluids from the system.

Hormone Regulation & Improved breast feeding : Massage greatly improves post partum hormonal balance. Several studies indicate that massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Prolactin (a lactation hormone) and oxytocin hormones(feel-good factor) levels rise to facilitate breast feeding. This increases the body’s ability to produce breast milk without any discomfort.