Infant Body Massage

Since baby massage is prevalent in India from centuries, we at “Baby’s Castle” endeavour to provide the same therapeutic benefits of massage under medical guidance. Instead of using unrecognized or non-certified traditional methods, we use scientifically proven techniques that aid and stimulate baby’s brain and physical development.

Benefits of Infant Body Massage


  • Stimulates the circulatory and digestive systems
  • Improves immunity and balances hormones
  • Helps relieve muscular cramps
  • Aids muscular development & growth
  • Increases flexibility and muscle tone
  • Helps relieve colic and gas
  • Improves sleep patterns


  • Sense of calm in mind and body
  • Gives feeling of security and love
  • Enhances use of all senses leading to a well coordinated mind and body
  • Improves non-verbal communication of trust and empathy through touch
  • Helps establish and maintain balance in behaviour by reducing stress