Exclusive Features

  • POOL SIZES: We have two customized baby pools (10ft x8ft x4ft and 6ft x6ft x4ft) designed especially for “Baby’s Castle” which are ideal for babies ageing from 1 month to 2.5 years depending upon their weight and height where we can conduct relaxation Aqua Therapy, Aquatic Physical Therapy and Baby Swimming in a comfy environment.

  • PURIFIED BATH WATER: What can be more comforting and soothing than the thermal temperature controlled water!! At “Baby’s Castle” the water is maintained at the optimum temperature of 32 degree C to 33 degree C to provide the utmost comfort at any climatic condition. The technology used is dual sanitization (Hydroxyl Dual Sanitizer- The latest and highly advanced filtration technology used in the European countries) that kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses in the water, it is more effective than any other chemical or Ozone filtration techniques. For additional safety we have also added RO/UV Filtration to purify the water. The water that is finally used in the pool is free from all chemicals and is completely safe and purer than drinking water.

  • SWIM DIAPERS: We provide special swim diapers which are waterproof (spill proof) USF 50 Protected swim nappy.

  • WARM SWIM TOWELS: We provide warm towels for our little clients for their utmost comfort. Also, absolute cleanliness is our goal. We sanitize our towels with baby skin friendly detergents and conditioners, free from any chemicals or additives that regular detergents leave behind.

  • HAND SANITIZING: We advice every visitor to utilize our hand sanitizer after entering the facility. It is the preferred solution for many clinical and medical applications and we ensure protection of our little clients against bacteria and infections.

  • BABY PRODUCTS: We use the best certified baby products in the world. Our baby products are from reputed brands like Mustela(http://www.mustela.com), Earth Mama and Baby Angel(http://earthmamaangelbaby.com), Honest Co.(https://www.honest.com), Mama Mio(www.mioskincare.com) etc. Clients can choose from a variety of these products & find the most beneficial ones for their baby. All the products are chemical free and meet the standards of certification from AAP (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PEDIATRIC) . Some of our baby products have organic certifications from USDA / follow the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard and are appropriately labelled on the products.

  • SMART PLAY ZONE : It’s a complimentary soft play area we provide if the mother is opting for any packages.