A: “Baby’s Castle” provides exclusive Aqua Therapy, Baby Massage, Paediatric Physiotherapy and added exclusive services for babies and mothers in Mumbai.

A: “Baby’s Castle’s” most popular products are oils and lotions as well as mother care products from Mustela, Earth Mama, Angel baby, Mama Mio and Honest Co. Try them out once and we guarantee you will notice a positive change or difference!!!

 A. There are 3-4 Babies in the pool during one session. Of course you can avail of a private session too! For a private session exclusively for your baby, do contact our Wellness Manager @ Baby’s Castle and she will provide you with the details and pricing.

A: Babies must be accompanied and supervised by at least one adult at all times during the sessions. This is to help strengthen the bond between baby and parent and to boost their confidence during the sessions. You may bring an additional guest or parent or older child after taking prior permission and appointment from the staff.  

A: The water temperature is set between 32°C and 33°C which is best suited for babies’ delicate skin. We do not use any chemical whatsoever in our water and it is free from chlorine.  

A: Make sure your baby has enough sleep and feed at least 30 minutes before the session. Bring your own milk/water/baby food and diapers.  

A: Benefits to physical and mental development are gained starting from the first session as their body and mind is exercised. Baby’s vision will become more active and their attentiveness will be heightened after 6 continuous sessions.  

A: At “Baby’s Castle” everything is taken care of by our staff during the session from preparing the water and equipment as well as training your baby. The process at home can be tedious without experience in training babies in water. Furthermore, your baby will be water-training alone at home without expert trained supervision or paediatric assistance on-call.  

A: Yes, you may purchase “Baby’s Castle” Gift Vouchers at our centre and on our website as a gift for your friend or loved one.

A. These are simple exercises yet specialised for an expecting mother. They work to strengthen the muscles which are fatigued or are less active during pregnancy as a result of body changes in the pregnancy.

A. These involve :

  • – Yoga & Relaxation
  • – Meditation
  • – Core and Pelvic Floor exercises
  • – Mobility exercises
  • – Lamaze and Breathing techniques

A. This is subjective and depends upon the health of the expecting mother. However breathing and mild mobility exercises should commence from the first trimester itself. From the second trimester the core antenatal exercises can be started comfortably for most pregnant women.

A. These are absolutely safe and not only aid but infact ease out the process of delivery. However, we at Baby’s Castle make sure that every woman goes through a screening process which is done by our experts to ensure that there are no unnoticed complications and the exercises are safe to be done.

A. These can be continued till the 9th month considering that the expecting mother is medically fit to do them.

A. Post natal exercises are designed to get you back to your pre pregnancy state. These involve weight management, strengthening and breathing exercises. As every woman is special and needs to feel special, these classes will help her to find her original pre pregnancy state of health and figure as well as enjoy a lifestyle that she had before she became a mother. They help build her self confidence and enjoy motherhood while looking and feeling supremely fit!