Aquatic Physical Therapy is a set of clinical procedures applied by a physiotherapist in a therapeutic pool / pool using the hydrodynamics to obtain therapeutic benefits resulting in functional outcome of an individual. It is required as an adjunct to land based therapy management to overcome issues of gravity, body weight and limited mobility. It will enable individuals to experience freedom of movement that is found difficult on land.

Benefits of Aqua-Physiotherapy

There are physical, physiological & psycho social benefits of Aquatic Physiotherapy. Along with enhancing physical abilities like, strength, endurance, coordination.. it also brings about physiological benefits of all systems like, cardiovascular, respiratory, neuro-musculo-skeletal, and others along with bringing a change in cognitive abilities and social interactions.

Who are the right candidates for paediatric aqua physiotherapy? What developmental issues / disorders are treated/improved with aquatic physical therapy?

Any Child with developmental issues, neuro-musculo-skeletal problems and psychosocial problems can avail of this line of treatment and definitely will benefit from it. Clinical conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Developmental delays, Autism among other conditions can also be improved upon with aquatic physical therapy.