Ante Natal & Post Natal Fitness

Pregnancy is a state of altered hormone levels, mood swings, unexpected and sometimes even unpleasant events not just limited to physical changes. Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful cherished journeys as a mother that every woman chooses to experience.

Our Antenatal and Postnatal team at Baby’s Castle are engaged constantly to make this beautiful experience a memorable one. Research says that an active pregnancy is key to easier labour and a comfortable pain free motherhood. An optimally fit body helps to achieve easy relaxed childbirth while making the transition back to pre-pregnancy state smoother and quicker.

Ante Natal & Post Natal Care (ANC/PNC)

Our ANC & PNC programme ensures this is achieved by:

  • Yoga and Exercises during and after pregnancy – Feel Fresh & energetic
  • Lamaze – Helps in the process of labour
  • Cardio-toning – Weight Management
  • Pilates – Keeps you fit post-pregnancy
  • Spiritual – Helps in bonding with the baby
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding and breast care
  • Baby Care
  • Bonding
  • Art of Parenting